Nettie, Ming Mei, Victor, and Alex


Nettie has been a duck momma since summer of 2008, when she received her first ducky baby, Ming Mei, a brown Indian Runner duck.  Two weeks later, Victor the fawn and white Runner, joined the family.  She began making costumes and outfits for her ducks, which lead to developing her design for diaper harnesses.  When Ming Mei contracted an infection on her foot called Bumblefoot, Nettie couldn't figure how to keep her foot clean after surgery.  She was given a couple of promotional "beer can cozies" by a friend running for Class President of a law school.  When she noticed the cozy kept the condensation from getting all over, she got the idea that the material could keep moisture away from her little duck's foot.  Nettie's been sewing since she was 15, so she pulled her sewing machine out and wrangled together a make-shift shoe. After showing off her crafty work in an online duck forum, she was encouraged to make and sell the shoes to fellow duck and geese parents.  Over the years, she's developed more items an sizes, and has expanded into making items for larger zoo birds as well (even including falcons, flamingos, and even a penguin!)


Alex joined the ducky family in March of 2012.  He has become a partner in life as well as a partner in making ducky items!  He now helps answer messages, cuts out shoes, cuts and buckles walking harnesses, makes leashes, prints postage, packs and ships orders too.

Ming Mei

Ming Mei is an Indian Runner duck, hatched July 28th in 2008.  She's a "Chocolate Brown" runner, originally being a deep brown color with black feet/bill, however she has become more and more white with age! Ming Mei (her name meaning smart and beautiful in Chinese), is indeed very smart and loves to show off her beauty.  While she is not a fan of being touched or held, she does enjoy perching on Nettie's arm so people can admire her.  She also enjoys having her photo taken, wearing pretty collars and costumes, and showing off.


Victor is a "Fawn and White" colored Indian Runner duck, who hatched on August 11th, 2008.  He has tan on his face and chest, with a white head, neck, and tail. He has light orange colored feet with a freckled bill. Victor is a special duck with a condition known informally as, "hermaphaduckism," where he was born with both female and male anatomy. Victor was confirmed as a male upon hatching, but later laid malformed eggs.  He developed medical complications, and had surgery to remove his deformed organs when he was two.  Despite lacking these parts, he is currently very healthy and displays both female and male characteristics and behaviors. Victor is not as clever as Ming Mei, but he makes up for it by being very friendly and loving.  He gleams in the spotlight, enjoys interacting with many people while on walks, at parades, festivals, and other outings.  He doesn't mind being petted, touched, and held. He is very patient, especially with children, and even knows how to take "selfies" with the people he meets.

PartyFowl Pets opened via in August of 2012 and continues to grow!