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Since PartyFowl is run by only two people, Nettie and Alex, we ask that all questions and inquiries on orders to be kept to a minimum. We will try to accommodate as many suggestions and requests as possible, however please note that not all requests and suggestions are possible. Depending on content, not all submissions will get a reply.

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Whether it's an idea for a new item, a special request, designs for a disabled pet, submitting articles or photos, to alert us to typos or errors on our page, or something else, please let us know!
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Please understand that we are only two people (one with a full time career outside the world of duck), that it is not possible for us to send personal confirmation order emails or order updates.  Our little store has grown so much, that there simply is not enough time to do this.  During our peak seasons in spring/summer, we often have over 20 messages a day, so we do not reply to messages asking for an order update unless the due date is near.  We thank you for respecting our time and understanding that while we put in many many many hours fulfilling orders, we enjoy time resting together as a family.

Suggestion & special requests

PLEASE NOTE- This form is for suggestions and requests only. Any questions or inquiries about current orders and shipping will not get a response. Suggestions and Requests sent to this address may or may not receive a reply, depending on content.  Submissions can include:

  1. Ideas for new products, colors, or themes.
  2. Suggestions to improve products.
  3. Suggestions for articles.
  4. Technical issues with this website (Example: broken links, photos not showing, etc)
  5. Special requests for items.
  6. Requests for design changes for pets with disabilities. 


We thank you again for respecting our time and understanding that we try our best to help as many people as possible!