*PartyFowlPets Shop*

Here you will find our collections of handmade, custom pet and medical supplies for pet Ducks, Chickens, Geese, and other fowl (and occasionally zoo birds!), created by our sewist Nettie, with her top-of-the-line Viking Sewing Machine.


Custom Made-to-Order Diaper Harnesses usually take 3 to 6 weeks to create, sometimes quicker. if you need an item quickly, check out our “Ready-Made” section, or contact us to ask about a rush order.

Deluxe Diaper Harnesses

We offer several types and styles of custom made-to-order, high quality harnesses, in a multitude of solid colors and patterns, that allow you to spend time with your pet without a mess on you or the floor. We offer 12 standard sizes for most waterfowl and poultry based on your pet’s breed and/or weight. We can also work with you to create specialized sizing or custom alterations, if needed, to suit other fowl or disabled pets. All harnesses come with a Leak Guard -a special material sewn into the pouch, an open or closed-tail design, and the choice of either snaps or velcro fasteners. All of our harnesses are DELUXE, because we pride ourselves on having the highest quality, durable handmade harnesses. Click the links below to explore our large variety of fabric color choices.

CLICK HERE for Solid-Color Deluxe Diaper Harnesses

CLICK HERE for Patterned Deluxe Diaper Harnesses

CLICK HERE for Sparkle Deluxe Diaper Harnesses

CLICK HERE for our current selection of Ready-Made items

Neoprene Shoes for waterfowl, poultry, and large birds

Our sewist, Nettie (the original inventor of shoes for fowl!) made the very first pair of Duck Shoes in 2009, to help keep the feet of her Indian Runner duck, Ming Mei, clean, medicated, & bandaged after a Bumblefoot infection. That 1st design developed into neoprene shoes for several types of fowl, in open & closed-toe styles, 12 standard sizes, and a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from. We also can create customized, tailor-made designs for the foot care needs of disabled pets, as well as other fowl or large zoo birds. Click the links below to explore the item that inspired Nettie’s calling as a seamstress for fowl!

CLICK HERE for Universal Shoes For Ducks, Geese, and other Waterfowl

Universal Shoes for Chickens (coming soon)*

Speciality Shoe Designs (coming soon)*

*In need of shoes for a chicken, other fowl, large zoo birds, or for pets with special needs? While we continue to build our online store, we are able to take special requests. We can make shoes for chickens in our 12 standard sizes in universal or mirrored styles, as well as specialized designs for other fowl and large birds. Please CONTACT US to make a special request while our store grows.


Other Items Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for the following items while we continue build our online store.

— Leashes (a special stretchy design that's safer for birds than a normal dog lead).

—Walking Harnesses (to take your pet safely on a leash, but without a pouch for diapering, allowing your pet to “go at will").

— Cloth Diaper Pads (a washable, reusable insert for use with Deluxe Diaper Harnesses).

— Costume Deluxe Diaper Harnesses (fun elements designed into Harnesses, inspired by your favorite characters like super heroes, princesses, and cartoons).

*In need of an item not yet in our store? CONTACT US to inquire about making a special request. We are currently able to make some of these items as we continue to build and grow our online store.

Have an idea for an item not found in our shop? Or have an idea for a special design/request specifically for your pet? CONTACT US with your ideas, and we will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Looking for a fabric pattern not yet in our shop? We have tons and tons of patterned fabrics in stock, including colorful, sparkly, floral, animal print, tough, cool, cutesy, humorus, and geometric designs waiting to be added to the shop. Feel free to CONTACT US with what kind of pattern you are looking for, and we can check to see what is available.

If you are in need of something specific, we can check with our suppliers to see what is availble. There is an additonal fee to special order fabrics, however, we offer discounts on the fee if you purchase more than one harness in the same fabric.