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Universal Duck/Goose Shoes, Magenta

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About The Waterfowl Shoe:

-Made out of Neoprene (wet suit material).

-Closed-cell rubber material helps keep out moisture

-Provides cushioning

-Has a rubber grip bottom to prevent slips

-Helps keep bandages and medicine against the foot

-Can prevent males from mounting females during breeding season

-Can be worn on either the left or right foot

-Helps ducks and geese recovering from infections like Bumblefoot

-Protection from hot asphalt, icy patches, and dirty/poopy/rough surfaces

-Protects yourself and others from sharp nails

-Can be worn every day, with breaks for bathing and bandage dressing/medicine application.

-Is universal, can be worn on either foot.

Important Info about Shoes:

- Shoes are NOT a replacement for proper veterinarian care and are not guaranteed to prevent or heal any illness or Injury.

- Inform your vet to your use of medical items for your pet. Discontinue use if your vet recommends it.

- Closed toe shoes must be removed for bathing! Open toe shoes should be removed for a short period each day to allow your fowl to preen. Waterfowl should bathe/preen for at least 1 hour a day.

- If using a closed toe shoe, your fowl should be sequestered away from swimming or bathing water sources to prevent the holding of moisture against the foot.

- Wash shoes when they become soiled, about once a day. It works great to wash the shoe while your pet bathes/preens.

- Shoes can be worn both inside and outside of the home or coop.

- Fowl with injuries such as Bumblefoot can wear this shoe even after recovery. The extra cushioning of the shoe can help prevent infection by padded tender feet.

- Fowl should have access to a predator safe structure, as the extra weight from the shoe may limit the ability to escape from predators.

- It is normal for fowl wearing a shoe for the first time to ecperience slight balance problems while adjusting to the shoe. Fowl may sit more often as well.

-If your fowl pecks or removes the shoe, medical cloth tape may be placed around the top of the ankle cuff and leg to secure it into place.


Benefits of an Open-Toe Shoe:

This style of shoe has three open holes in the front for each toenail of ducks and geese, as well as a hole in the ankle cuff for the back toe nail. It allows waterfowl the use of their toenails for roosting, scratching, climbing, etc (this design is great for Muscovy ducks). It also provides extra cushion or to prevent injury to susceptible feet. This design also allows for swimming. If your pet has infections or wounds, please consider the closed-toe design.


Benefits of a Closed-Toe Shoe:

This style of shoe completely covers the front three toenails and has a an opening for the back toenail in the ankle cuff. The foot is able to move around inside the shoe (provides room for bandaging) and can seem a little big, especially on smaller ducks. This design is best for fowl with injuries/infections that need extra protection. It is recommended to NOT allow your fowl to swim/bathe with this design. You may need to trim longer toenails on some waterfowl to fit in the shoe properly.

Toe Style:
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Additional Info

Lead Time- It typically takes 2-3 weeks for a pair of shoes, during the busier times of the year. If you need this item on an emergency, please contact us. We ship as soon as all items in an order are ready. If you'd like items with shorter lead times shipped as soon as possible, either purchase separately, or contact us for additional shipping charges.


Your monitor setting may influence the exact color of an item. Colors can change, have variations due to dye lots, or sometimes a color will run out before a listing can be updated. If a color you request is unavailable we will contact you by email about a second color/fabric choice.

Putting on a Shoe:

1. Sit down on a chair, open all velcro straps of the shoe, and place the shoe on a table or surface within easy reach.

2. Place your fowl on your lap. Tuck your fowl's head under one arm while using the other hand to gently pull the desired leg out from under the bird. This will cause the fowl to sit. (NOTE: Only pull your bird's leg from the joint to prevent injury).

3. Gently fold your fowl's foot (like and accordion) and slip it inside of the shoe.

4. Once the toes are positioned correctly (if you have open toe shoes, you will need to place each toe in each opening), close the foot strap.

5. Carefully position the back toe in the opening on the back of the ankle cuff.

6. Allow your fowl to stand, then close the ankle cuff snug around the ankle.

Cleaning Instructions:

It is recommended to wash this PartyFowl Shoe by hand in a sink with mild detergent (like hand soap), and allow to air dry. Turn the shoe inside out, and do not use until fully dry. They can be placed in the wash with all velcro straps closed with other less linty fabrics (like denim, avoid placing with towels or sweaters), and can be dried in the dryer though machine washing/drying can wear the shoe out quicker.