Making sure the human didn't give the ducks read that

You read that right- Last August I becoming severely sick from first contracting Norovirus, then while my immune system was weak, I contracted salmonella. Most would assume that I got the bug from my pets, since 2 of them are poultry. What most don't realize is the ducks couldn't give me salmonella, because they've never had it. They've live a very clean, comfy life, with yearly vet checks. Just prior to my getting sick, they had their normal blood tests, all negative as usual. At the time, Victor had just started showing signs of arthritis in his neck, and Ming Mei laid a "jello egg". Meaning an egg without a shell. At 8 years old, she hadn't laid an egg in over two years. Jello eggs can get stuck causing the duck to become eggbound (which is deadly if not treated asap.. When giving her, her calcium supplement, she aspirated some of the liquid into her lungs. The vet was able to clear it out, but put her on antibiotics for a cough she developed.

Dosing a duck with medicine is difficult, to say the least. You have to hold them, pry open their bills, stick a baby medicine syringe as far down their throats as possible, making sure to get passed the glottis (so it goes into their bellies not their lungs). Due to poor Victor's arthritic neck, I have to bend over and hold him upset dow



Spa Day April, 2017

Our local bunny shelter has a special fundraiser every three months called Spa Day, to raise money for the many bunnies they take in every year from irresponsible easter purchases. Our little bunny, Odie, was dumped at the shelter along with his 6 siblings and mom. We adopted him after our girl bunny, Minny, did several rounds of "speed dating" other bunnies to see which she liked best. After 3 other bunnies, when Minny met Odie, it was love at first sight! She flopped in happiness, and sniffed/kissed Odie on his nose. The two dated for a few weeks, with us bringing Minny to the shelter to spend time with him. After 3 weeks, we brought Odie home with us, and accepted him as part of our family. It took a long time for him to adjust an warm up to us, but he is now a very happy bunny who's spoiled just as much as all our other pets!

The pets are always very excited to go out to spa days. They are very familiar with the shelter, as they've been boarded there many times. The ducks get super excited when it comes time to take photos. They are very fond of costumes, and they like the volunteers there. these are some of the best photos of Victor in a long while. His neck arthritis usually has him hunching over, but Spa days always have him so happy, he has his head up and his smile wide!