Diaper Pad

Diaper Pad

Reusable cloth diaper pad. These diaper pads are for use only with other PartyFowl brand items. Please see the sizing guide below to determine which size pad will fit into your Partyfowl Harness.


Diaper Pads are now Available in Different Color Choices! Both the top and bottom of the pad will be in one solid color. Please note one end will be lined in a material that matches as closely as possible. If you have a particular preference, feel free to leave a note during checkout.

Please find your breed under the sizing list to find the correct size. I do NOT accept any returns on handmade items so please double check what size you'd like before placing your order. If you are unsure of what size your pet will need, simply send me a message with your pet's BREED, AGE, and GENDER and I will determine it for you. If you are unsure of your pets breed, age, and/or gender you will need to provide a description, weight, and measurements. -

We do not offer refunds or cancellations on any order, for any reason. Every item is made specifically for your order. This helps prevent impulse buying of pets, as well as dumping of animals. Once we begin an order, the order will be completed and shipped.


About the Cloth Diaper Pad:

  • Wicking fabric top
  • Waterproof fabric bottom
  • Three layers of absorbing materials inside
  • Fits into both Made-to-Order and Emergency/Intermediate PartyFowl Harnesses
  • Absorbs liquids into the pad, while leaving solids on the surface for easy disposing
  • Can be both hand and machine washed

How to use the Cloth Diaper Pad:

Simply place the Cloth Diaper Pad inside of your PartyFowl Diaper Harness's pouch instead of using a disposable diaper insert. The Pad lasts about as long as a disposable insert, depending on whether or not your pet is eating and drinking. If drinking and/or eating the pad usually lasts around 2 hours before needing to be changed and cleaned. If not eating or drinking, the pad can last 4 or more hours. Once soiled, remove the pad from the diaper harness.


Sizing for Diaper Pads

These pads are intended only to fit into PartyFowl Diaper Harnesses. If you have not yet purchased or selected a diaper harness yet, please check out my shop or feel free to contact me!

  • Size A- Fits into XXS, XS, and S
  • Size B- Fits into M, and M Plus
  • Size C- Fits into L, and L Plus
  • Size D- Fits into XL, and 1XL
  • Size E- Fits into 2XL, and 3XL