Deluxe and Super Deluxe Harnesses


The Deluxe and Super Deluxe Harnesses are your ultimate choice for stylish duck wear and keeping the duck in the house.  The harness has several key features to keep the harness dry and firmly on the duck.

The Deluxe and Super Deluxe Harnesses contain a layer of special stabilizer to help keep the the snaps firm in the harness. The pouch is adjustable with an adjustable strap on the tabs. This allows the snaps to stay firmly in place, while tightening as needed. There are also six special snaps on the pouch and straps where you can attach new upcoming "Snap flare" to add a little personality and pizzazz.


Closed Tail Design

PartyFowl Diaper harnesses consist of a back strap, belly straps, and a pouch. The pouch encases the tail feathers and the cloaca.


Open Tail Design

PartyFowl Diaper harnesses consist of a back strap, belly straps, and a pouch. The pouch is designed to sit below the cloaca, allowing the tail feathers to stick out the top. This design allows for a better fit for fowl with usual or large tail feathers. The open tail design helps keep waste off the feathers near the cloaca. This open design also allows female fowl to lay eggs comfortably while wearing a diaper harness.


Adjustable Fabric Straps

Both the back strap and the belly straps of PartyFowl Diaper Harnesses are made in the fabric you choose and they are adjustable. They can be adjusted up or down to allow for variation in weight of your pet, throughout the year. This design allows for the changes in size, like during laying seasons, molts, and normal changes in weight.


Leash attachment

PartyFowl Diaper Harnesses come with an attachment site for leashes (a D-ring at the top of the back strap). It is recommended using stretchy leashes designed for birds or small animals (leashes designed for dogs and other large animals are not recommended for safety reasons).


Leak Guard

The Leak Guard is a special lining sewn into PartyFowl Diaper Harnesses. The leak guard's water resistant coating greatly hinders the ability for liquids to pass from the inside of the diaper harness to the outside. Sometimes poop and liquids can get past the diaper insert and make the outside of the diaper harness's butt pouch soggy. If you have a friendly bird who enjoys being close to people and their things, a wet diaper harness is not desirable. I came up with the Leak Guard idea after finding damp spots on my pants after a duck had been sitting in my lap. The Leak Guard benefits those who have indoor pet fowl who spend much of their diapered time around humans. The Leak Guard also makes the pouch of a diaper harness more stiff, making the pouch hold its shape better. All PartyFowl Diaper Harnesses include the Leak Guard.


Buckle Closures

The Deluxe Diaper Harness uses black plastic buckles to close the straps and pouch.


Internal Elastic

The gathered part of the pouch gets it's stretchy quality from elastic sewn inside the fabric of the pouch.


Heat Sealing

We now use a special tool to bond thread ends, elastics, and fabrics. While sewing is still the main component when making harnesses, there are some spots where heat bonding works better. Larger areas of bonding (usually no larger than 3/8 of an inch long), the bond may also be coated with a sealer, to further protect the bond. You may notice melted or darkened areas at these bonds, but they do not effect the use of the harness.