alteration request form

If you think your PartyFowl item might require alteration, please fill out the form below. Alterations are free and include free shipping back to you. If you have basic sewing skills, there are many fixes you can do at home- see the videos below this form. All alterations must be approved before shipping. Items being sent back to us for alterations MUST be freshly and thoroughly washed AND dried, then placed in a sealable or "zip" bag prior to shipping. This procedure is mandatory to help prevent the spreading of bacteria, viruses, and other illnesses to our family. Any item that appears to be unwashed, soiled, or not fully dry, will be disposed of immediately without refund. 

Name *
If Applicable.
Please include as much info you can about the fit of your item. We may require photos to figure out exactly what alterations can be done. Please note that items that are too small usually cannot be altered.

Here are s few videos where Nettie explains how you can make minor alterations at home. If you have basic sewing skills, you can shorten straps or make the neco opening larger or smaller. 

Please understand that we are only two people (one with a full time career outside the world of duck), that it is not possible for us to send personal confirmation order emails or order updates.  Our little store has grown so much, that there simply is not enough time to do this.  During our peak seasons in spring/summer, we often have over 20 messages a day, so we do not reply to messages asking for an order update unless the due date is near.  We thank you for respecting our time and understanding that while we put in many many many hours fulfilling orders, we enjoy time resting together as a family.