Ming Mei, Alex, Nettie, and Victor.

Ming Mei, Alex, Nettie, and Victor.

Welcome to PartyFowl Pets!

PartyFowl Pets is a small family business specializing in making pet supplies and medical items for Ducks, Geese, Chickens, and other fowl. Inspired by her two indoor pet ducks Victor & Ming Mei who hatched in summer 2008, PartyFowl’s sewist, Nettie, has been creating custom handmade pet supplies including diaper harnesses, shoes, and leashes for almost 10 years. We take great pride in creating the highest quality diaper harness possible, so that others may enjoy the love and companionship of a feathered friend. Nettie is also the inventor and original creator of “Duck Shoes”, a medical item and fashion accessory for ducks, geese, chickens, and occasionally zoo birds!

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Update for Winter 2019

We are adding tons and tons of new fabric choices for both solid and pattern Deluxe Diaper Harnesses! So far we’ve added 10 new solid colors, including many new purple/pink and blue tones. We have so many new patterns that we will be adding them over time. Come back often to see what’s new!

We are also thinking about adding other types of items to the store, including Leashes, Walking Harnesses (a harness without a pouch for a diaper), and Washable Diaper Pads. We used to make those items in our old shop, and we are able to take special requests for those items in the meantime.

Have suggestions or requests for new colors, new patterns, and new ideas for new types of items for your pet? Check out our Contact Page to send us your ideas and suggestions!